martinMartin Brown,
M.H. C.C.H.T Master Hypnotist/Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification #HTIAS-165

Martin Brown originally from Southampton, England came to Canada in 1981 and settled in St Albert, AB. CANADA

Martin had always had a fascination for the scientific side of hypnosis and as an entertainer was interested in learning & obtaining the skills to enable him to perform the hypnosis stage shows that he used to see while working as a DJ.  He however didn’t want to learn this skill from a book as most  & still many of the stage hypnotists do – he wanted to learn the why & how’s from a professional in order for his stage show participants to be safe.

So in 1996 he signed up with the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta. After a number of courses and a lot of studying he was accredited as a Master Hypnotist and after more courses became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

After he gained his certification he launched his popular hypnosis show -DAMIEN – “Hypnosis Unleashed” which was a great success and played on the more mysterious & magikcal side of hypnosis. He also started his hypnotherapy business and guided many people to successfully attain their goals by using the tools he had been taught. Over time he developed his own successful style unveiling the mysterious side and started showing people that anyone can attain their goals and change their habits with hypnosis – A tool & skill that everyone has available, but usually do not use.

Martin retired from the stage in 2007 and has spent the last 6 years unveiling the mystery of hypnosis and helping people attain their goals using the power of hypnosis.


Hey Martin – it’s Dawn here – you hypnotized me February 2012 and helped me quit smoking….. just wanted to let you know that I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of being a non-smoker! The changes in myself have been amazing – I started a new job, moved houses, bought a new car and QUIT smoking

 So it’s been 8 days smoke free, and I think it inspired my hubby that I have been handling it so well!  So he has quit smoking too!!!  He is working on day 2 here, and he says today was better than yesterday.  We have also found out we are having twins!!! So lots coming up!  Thank You for everything!

Thank you so much for the hypnosis session in August. I really felt the change, especially on this ongoing journey of mine to wholeness and integration. Enjoy September!