PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY – a therapeutic tool.

In a past life regression therapy session, the hypnotist will regress you to the source of issues and concerns based in prior life experiences.
You will become consciously aware of the reasons for certain experiences in your life, and the new perspective you gain will turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Past Life Regression Therapy can help resolve traumatic experiences by acting as a tool to allow you access to a level of self-awareness not normally available to your conscious mind. In a past life regression, you enter a deep state of relaxation while a hypnotist helps to guide you through past life memories. You may reveal how you once lived or remember loved ones long since forgotten. You may find out what you looked like or suddenly realize why you have previously unexplainable behaviors, fears, desires, likes, or dislikes.  You can free yourself from the negativity of certain people and situations in your life when you realize that they are merely playing a role in a script that your own soul wrote so that you would have an opportunity to “get it right!”

Past Life Regression is a personal exploration and journey into your own soul and psyche. The session has the potential to lead you deeply and effortlessly into core issues that may be affecting your present reality. You are in control in the whole entire session.

Your investment for a Past Life Regression session is just $249.

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Session length and content may vary depending on individual client needs. (max 2 hrs)
Depending on severity of your problem, few sessions might be recommended to achieve desirable result or relieve of symptoms.

*NOTE: Upon scheduling an appointment a confirmation of the date and time along with pertinent forms that you need to complete will be sent to you via email.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the session fee will be due within 48 hours of scheduling your appointment.