A Past Life Session can be a fun, experimental tool to take a journey through your subconscious mind back to see who you were in a past life.

Do you sometimes wonder where certain thoughts, dreams, habits or unusual behaviors come from?
Are you drawn to certain places, cultures, people or even home décor?
Have you ever experienced that déjà vu feeling – as if we have been somewhere before ?Past-Life-journey
Who were you in a past life, a king, a peasant, a farmer or a Viking?
Well, perhaps you were!

Your Past Life Journey is an adventure that gives you a unique opportunity to explore one of your many possible past lives. It’s not as deep and specific as a Past Life Regression Therapy Session, nor does it include any healing or therapy elements, however, most people feel very uplifted, more positive, more self-confident and relieved after the session

Take a past life journey of self-discovery into one of your past lives.

Your cost for this journey is just $249, the session will last approx. 1.5 hrs and a free mp3 recording of the session will be sent to you at the end of the session

Contact us to book your Past Life “journey” today!

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