Different Hypnotherapy Treatments
There are two different types of treatment which are used in hypnotherapy – Suggestion and Analytical:

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Suggestion or straight Hypnosis)
This is generally used for stop smoking, weight loss, nail biting, pre-exam/test nerves, weight management, relaxation and confidence. Suggestion therapy is effective immediately and takes one to three sessions.
Just to name a few, Suggestion therapy can help with:

Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
• Overcome Learning Difficulties
• Master Public Speaking
• Fear of flying
• Nail biting

Analytical Hypnotherapy
(Advanced Hypnotherapy or Hypno-Analysis)
This is used for the more deep-rooted and long-standing conditions. It is based on the premise that every effect (symptom) must have a cause. For many years classical psycho-analysis has been used to help people to recall and deal with past events or traumas that are still affecting their present life.  Essentially psycho-analysis helps the person to recover a past experience that has been blocked out of consciousness and to release the emotions and feelings associated with it. The way Hypno-analysis works is that under hypnosis the person is taken back through their life to identify if there is an experience (or experiences) from the past that are causing their current problem.  This is called regression..
Emotional problems respond well to hypno-analysis. The real power of analytical hypnotherapy is that it removes the root cause of the symptom and not simply controls the condition. hypno-analysis can also be an amazing aid to self-development.
The process can sometimes take more than one session depending on the situation.

Individual Treatments
We appreciate that each client is unique. As a result, the therapeutic approach is taylored to meet individulal needs and technques are chosen carefully. Hypnosis allows easier access to the subconscious mind, which is the gateway to unrealised potentials.

Suggestion therapy can reprogramme the mind with positive thoughts and hypno-analysis is designed to remove deeper rooted negative thought patterns. Both approaches, or a single strategy, may be used with an individual client.

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